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I purchased my package of laser hair removal through living social, the price was great. The ladies in the office are amazing, they always make you feel more than comfortable. There have been a few times that I have had to change the time of my appointment and they are always more than willing to work with me. I am thinking about having more areas treated with the laser through this spa, simply because of the way that I am treated while I am in there. Each laser session is short, which makes it very manageable. I would recommend this spa to anyone, and already have!

Danielle F
Buffalo NY

I went in for laser hair removal, and when there learned about Radiesse treatment. I took advantage of the special & went for it! Tho it was a little uncomfortable, nothing that anyone who isn't a huge baby (like me) couldn't handle. Jenna was so great about every question I had, reassuring me of my concerns, & making sure I would breathe through the procedure. When I came out of treatment, the girls said how great I looked. At the time I felt it was their job to say such things. When I got home & looked in the mirror I just had to pick up the phone & say THANK YOU!!! I look young again!!! I would highly recommend this spa, they are easy, light hearted professionals who make you feel great right from the time you walk in for treatment!!

Molly M, North Tonawanda NY

Jenna is very patient and understanding. I am attempting scar reduction and am hopeful that I will achieve the results I want.

Melissa B, West Seneca, NY

I had Radiesse dermal filler around my nose and corners of my lips. Two weeks later I went to my husband's 35th class reunion and one of his friends came up to me as soon as I walked in and said I looked great...grabbed my face, moved it back and forth and said you don't have a wrinkle !!!! later he told me I looked 35! (I am 53)

The procedure didn't hurt, Jenna was great at talking me through it, and made me feel very comfortable. It was a very pleasant experience, and no bruising. I would do it again!

Sandra J, Bennington NY

I had facial filler with Restylane at LookGood90210.com and Advanced Aesthetic Medical Spa. Instant gratification, great look, no pain. Loved it.

Gloria D, Buffalo NY

I had treatment for lymphedema and I want to thank the staff for their excellent care. I also want to thank the doctor for bringing the best technology to the Buffalo area for lymphedema care. My leg is 2 inches smaller as a result and I want to start treatment on my other leg.

Carin A, Buffalo NY

I have had two treatments with the Lux 1540 skin resurfacing laser and have noticed that my face looks great. Thank you for bringing this great technology to the area.

Jeanette S, Williamsville, NY

The Lux 1540 fractional laser resurfacing allowed me to go back to work the same day - I couldn't afford to take off from work because I am self employed. Thanks to Dr. Karamanoukian at LookGood90210.com

Joseph K, Amherst NY

I love the Advanced Aesthetic Medical Spa and the staff. I had facial fillers and the results are fabulous. Service is beyond compare. The price was very fair. I was very well educated about all of my options before any treatment was administered. I appreciate that as a professional.

Jennifer M, Newfane, NY

This spa is wonderful and truly a medical spa, not the run of the mill spas that are operated by moms and pops everywhere. The staff are educated, professional and are supervised by physicians. LookGood90210.com is great.

Susan B, Amherst NY.

I have used the Kare product for my acne and it is wonderful. It is better than Proactiv for my acne problem. Thank you.

Nicole S, Snyder NY

I was not aware that the Vein Treatment Center is affiliated with your medical spa. Both are excellent places in my experience. I had my VNUS Closure procedure done by Dr. Karamanoukian and my legs look great and feel great. I also want to thank the clinician for my laser procedure for acne. It worked. Finally something worked for this acne which I have had for years. LookGood90210.com and VeinsVeinsVeins.com

Harold J, East Amherst NY

Dr. Raffy is great. The staff is great. The brochures are very informative and the prices very fair. Considering the technology that is available at the Advanced Aesthetics Medical Spa, the prices are very reasonable.

James B, Newfane, NY

The staff at Advanced Aesthetics Medical Spa are wonderful. Laser treatment has proved benefical for my acne and veins. Thank you so much.

Kristen R, Buffalo NY

I have cystic acne and had seen a dozen dermatologists over the years who treated me with all types of antibiotics that failed to help my condition. The staff at Advanced Aesthetic Medical Spa and Dr. Raffy have helped me tremendously and counseled me on how to change my diet, what to put on my face and also a regimen of skin products that have helped rid me of this terrible acne problem. Thank you LookGood90210.com.

John T, North Tonawanda, NY

Thank you for the best facial I have ever had. The staff is phenomenal.

Justine H, Clarence NY

Your spa is beautiful and the atmosphere very conducive for relaxation. I had a great facial and severa microdermabrasion procedures and my face feels like it did when I was a teenager. Thanks for your expertise.

Enya M, Lockport NY

I had Dr. Raffy inject me with Botox and the spa atmosphere was great. The doctor is very professional and exceptional in terms of how experienced and personable he is. You can tell that he is very meticulous and detail oriented - this was one of the reasons I followed up with him after my initial visit. I recommend him as 5 star.

Sharona W, East Amherst NY

Thank you. The Obagi system you put me on has really helped my skin and have lightened and eliminated my age spots. I have recommended you to several of my friends.

L G, Amherst NY

I had treatments for my acne which has been amazing in clearing up my skin. The approach is not only medical, but it is aesthetic and holistic. I have seen nearly a dozen dermatologists who were unable to control my acne. Dr. Raffy and the staff have been amazing in their treatment approach and execution. I recommend them highly to anyone who suffers from acne.

Duncan W, Niagara Falls, NY

I had treatments for my veins at the Vein Treatment Center and was referred for my rosacea to the Advanced Aesthetic Medical Spa. The laser treatments have been very helpful and my skin looks great. I am very happy with the results. Dr. Raffy has an ongoing treatment regimen to keep my rosacea under control. Thank you.

Jon F, Newfane, NY

If more people knew about your treatments, they would be lined up around the block. I want to thank the clinician for her compassionate care and expertise.

Frank K, Lockport, NY

Thank you so much for the wonderful care I received during my rosacea treatments. The clinician put me at ease and made sure I was comfortable. She made me feel very calm. I am so glad I finally did this for myself. Thank you LookGood90210.com and Advanced Aesthetic Medical Spa.

Allen G, Akron NY

I had a coupon for Botox and used it at the Advanced Aesthetic Medical Spa. The doctor injected me in the hands and helped take care of my sweating problem immediately. Thank you for making me comfortable and relaxed. I will see you again in 3 months.

Suzanne J, Akron, NY

I had microdermabrasion to help smoothe my coarse textured skin. It took about 30 minutes and there was no down time. The clinician was great and she called it a "lunchtime peel" because I slipped away at lunch and got back to work soon thereafter. LookGood90210.com is truly a great website and the spa is excellent.

Henry B, Springville, NY

Can't stop raving about the Advanced Aesthetic Medical Spa. Dr. Raffy is very informed and experienced and offers the most advanced care and European spa technology available to this area. Thank you.

Karyn S, Attica, NY

I had botox in my underarms for excessive sweating at the Advanced Aesthetic Medical Spa. The doctor was fantastic and the procedure took 10 minutes with minimal discomfort.

Andrew N, Amherst, NY

Testimonial written by Pam, a 104.1 radio listener to the radio jockey - Dear Val - I just have to write to you to thank you for your radio add for the Advanced Aesthetics Medical Spa in Amherst. I have suffered for many years from the embarrassment of multiple facial "imperfections". So after hearing how they helped you with your problems, I was thrilled to learn that such a wonderful place even existed. I thought for sure that I was doomed for the rest of my life to hate looking into a mirror, and to have to wear a ton of make-up to try to hide my complexion. I have just completed my series of photo-facials and I am so happy with the results. The clinician is so wonderful and we are even going to do some other things to complete my transformation! At 52 years old, I am feeling a new level of self confidence that I have NEVER known, and it is all because I heard your sincerity come through on the radio. I thank you a million times.

Pamela T, Buffalo, NY

I had photorejuvenation at the Advanced Aesthetics Medical Spa and I am very pleased with the results. Most of my sun damaged spots have disappeared and I look like I did 10 years ago. I just love the compliments I get on a daily basis.

Janice D, East Aurora, NY

I want to thank the Advanced Aesthetics Medical Spa for a wonderful practice style. I used to visit a local plastic surgeon who constantly "pushed" for me to have a face lift, forehead left, this and that. I want a natural look. I am too young to have a face lift so I was happy to meet with Dr. Raffy and had several "lunch time" fillers and Botix procedures and I am extremely happy with the way I look. Thanks a lot Dr. Karamanoukian.

Henrietta S, East Aurora NY

I heard about lookgood90210.com from a radio commercial and made a trip to see the facility and doctor myself. I remain very impressed after my photofacial treatments.

Gary H, Hamburg, NY

I received Juvederm, for a lip enhancement, at Advanced Aesthetic Spa. It was a very quick and painless procedure. The staff was very professional and Dr. Raffy very reassuring and calming. The spa provided a comfortable atmosphere for me. I am an attorney and so my appearance is important for my professional image. I wanted to be treated by someone who was knowledgeable, friendly, and qualified. Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian and the clinician were just the right team for me. I am extremely satisfied with my lips and will continue with Juvederm treatments.

Karen K, Elma, NY

Thank you for the Botox. It was explained to me in detail and I am very happy with the results. The wrinkle lines on my forehead and corners of my eyes are gone. The cost was very reasonable. Thank you Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian and Advanced Aesthetics Medical Spa.

Cheryl C, Hamburg, NY

I have had wonderful results with ReFirme. My face looks radiant and I feel younger. Everyone has noticed the way I look. Thank you Dr. Raffy.

Donna K, Cheektowaga, NY

The place is awesome with a comprehensive program for acne. My acne has improved and I continue using the regimen of diet, supplements and skin care that was recommended by Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian.

Joelle M, Williamsville, NY

I had lipomassage for cellulite and I am truly grateful to the clinician for explaining the way this technique works and for being patient with me during my consultation. I had a million questions which she was able to answer. This made me feel very comfortable in my decision to have lipomassage as she is a local expert in the field. This is better than invasive alternative that I looked into - mesotherapy which is way to expensive for my pocket. Thanks lookgood90210.com

Tina J, Lockport, NY

My legs look great after laser therapy for my spider veins. I have had this done elsewhere but the lasers and staff at Advanced Aesthetics Medical Spa are excellent and nearly pain free. The attention to detail is unparalleled.

Wendy B, Buffalo, NY

I came to the Advanced Aesthetics Medical Spa in East Amherst 6 months ago. I wanted a dermal filler for lip enhancement. My friend recommended Dr. Raffy, a plastic surgeon who also has offices in Beverly Hills, CA. I have always wanted fuller lips, but did not want the swollen lip look that I have often seen on Hollywood actresses and porn stars. In the consultation, it was explained to me that the end results would be a very natural look, so I went forward with the procedure. The procedure was painless and I was most impressed with the time invested perfecting the shape and the fullness I desired. This made all the difference with the end results, which I was more than happy about. Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian is the best.

Nancy R, East Aurora, NY

I had Botox for my wrinkles around the eyes by Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian and I wanted to let the doctor know that the treatment worked very nicely. I appreciate your expertise and your fine hands. It was very affordable.

Jessica S, East Aurora, NY

I got my wife a gift certificate for the spa and she had facial fillers and Botox. She was taken care of very professionally and she raves about the doctors and the staff. Her fund of knowledge about nutrition and general wellness is overwhelming and truly amazing. Overall, the Advanced Aesthetics Medical Spa is a Five Star operation.

Andrew K, Newfane, NY

I ordered the Obagi Nu-Derm system from the Advanced Aesthetics Medical Spa because the conversion rate between the US dollar and Canadian dollar made it less expensive. The service is excellent and Laurie was very helpful in explaining how the products work. Thank you.

Dana K, Toronto

I had procedures done at the Advanced Aesthetics Medical Spa and want to let others know that I was pampered to the max and all of my expectations were met. I had Botox, Juvederm and laser hair removal. Dr. Raffy and Dr. Hratch Karamanoukian oversaw all of my treatments. Laurie was excellent and very resourceful.

Trent S, Alden, NY

I had a filler - juvederm - for correction of facial wrinkles known as smile lines. I know I made the right choice bceause I was offered a face lift by another surgeon for 18 thousand dollars and I sought a second opinion from Dr. Raffy. I love the way my face looks with the injectable filler and the procedure took 10 minutes. I was able to leave the office and return to work the next day with little or no bruising. Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian is a star!

Rhonda M, East Amherst, NY

I came to the Advanced Aesthetics Medical Spa on a whim. I heard the testimonials from Chris on 97 Rock and made the appointment to see the skin specialist. I went ahead with the laser hair removal series for my underarms. It took 15 minutes each session for a total of 4 trips. It didn't hurt and I can't tell you how nice it is not to have to shave there any more. I'm going to have to do the bikini area next! The spa is immaculate, very relaxing and directed by two doctors - a plastic surgeon and a cardiovascular surgeon.

Larissa S, Akron, NY

I had the facial filler for my smile lines and was able to get back to work the next day. I had trivial amount of bruising. I was given BruiseKare which I took religiously and which helped in minimizing the bruising. I would recommend the Advanced Aesthetic Medical Spa to anyone and Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian who is simply great and very down to earth. He explains things very well and is into "enhancing the natural look".

Marnie R, Erie, PA

I had laser hair removal and had a very positive experience at the Advanced Aesthetics Medical Spa. I no longer have to shave my neck line. It was a superb experience for me. I was pampered at this medical spa by the clinician. Thank you very much. I will certainly refer a lot of my friends and family to you.

Jennifer S, Chautauqua, NY

The clinician at the Advanced Aesthetic Medical Spa is great. I had a chemical peel and she spent 30 minutes before the procedure and explained the nuances of all the differnet types of peels available. I decided to have an alpha hydroxy acid peel and I am very happy about the way my face looks. I recommend LookGood90210.com and the Advanced Aesthetic Medical Spa to anyone who wants the best skin care available in the area, perhaps the country. I also was able to interact with the plastic surgeon, Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian who is one of the two medical directors of this medical spa.

Kayla D, East Amherst, NY

I had dermabrasion and the results are phenomenal. I never had such courteous service and was never pampered this much. The amount of information that the staff has about skin care is beyond what I have seen by several area doctors.

Haley J, North Collins, NY